Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunshine Center for Implementers of Man Caused Disasters

In desperation to distance themselves from the "Failed Bush Policies" (many of which they still follow), our new administration has done some pretty silly new stuff that you need to know about.  And, as per usual, it's more about style than substance. 

Regarding the substance bit, our new administration intends to follow all the Bush policies in regards to the prosecution of the war on terror.  For instance President Obama still has the same rights to water-board detainees, and use other enhanced interrogation techniques, "at the discretion of the President".  Despite all the things that he says about it being torture, he can still authorize these techniques in the same manner that Bush could.  He intends to continue to detain the terrorists who are housed at Guantánamo Bay, he just wants to find somewhere else to put them.  He intends to continue using military tribunals, while making a big deal of the slight changes he is making to the tribunals. He intends to continue prosecuting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, just the same way, or actually even more vigorously since we intend to commit more troops.

But, it is in the style department that our dear new beloved president intends to distinguish himself.

Consider if you will the fact that the administration will no longer be referring to "The War on Terror".  Instead, those brave soldiers who are defending us from multiple attacks are involved in what the administration has turned as "Overseas Contingency Operations". Because, after all, we're not at war... or something.

Equally important is the fact that the administration will no longer refer to "Terrorism", but rather "Man Caused Disasters".  And no longer shall the United States administration refer to the folks who blow stuff up in order to kill civilians as "Terrorists". These folks shall now be known, by decree of the president, as "Implementers of Man Caused Disasters"

Folks, I wish I was making this stuff up.  But as usual, reality is stranger than fiction.

And now, I'm going to get silly.  If it is the desire of the Obama administration to cool the rhetoric around global extremism, there can be no doubt that they are succeeding.  The Taliban has announced through its spokesman that it will no longer refer to the chopping off the heads of Americans captured overseas as "Beheading".  Wanting to be part of the cooler heads that are prevailing, and more in line with the zeitgeist promoted by the Obama administration, "Beheading" will now be called "Redevelopment".  And no longer shall they refer to the act where they beat a teenage girl mercilesslyfor the simple crime of appearing without a head scarf , while holding her down as she screams, as "Flogging".  Instead this inhumane treatment shall be termed "Juvenile Assistance". And of course the Guantánamo Bay detention camp will be shut down, at the order of Obama.  It will be reopened the next day as "The Sunshine Center for Implementers of Man Caused Disasters". 

What a lot of foolishness.  Obama must learn that semantics are not the point.  The point is that we have folks who want to kill Americans, and that means we are at war with them.  That is by definition the term used when we send tens and hundreds of thousands of American soldiers to go stop evil. Leadership is not about words or smoke and mirrors.  It's about creating positive change.  And that's what we're waiting for.

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Anonymous said...

This is typical of the left,and even the right sometimes, pure semantics. Calling it one thing, instead of what it actually is.