Monday, May 16, 2011

Bartlett Financial

I went there for a Mutual Fund. Instead they sold (dumb ol') me a scam.

Bartlett Financial Lexington SC

Multi Level Marketing is sold here called UFirst. Do your research carefully and DO NOT INVEST. Please learn from my and other mistakes. I was advised to buy into a multilevel marketing scheme for $3500. How is it good advice to buy into the Bartlett multilevel 'downstream' on a credit card for $3500, in order to get out of debt? The $3500 still sits on my credit card, and makes me ANGRY everyday at these guys. They use God and military service to sell a shameful and selfish product. Shameful. You can learn more about how to avoid UFIRST at:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The FIRST Thoughts for Thinkers Radio hour long show

Finally, the first show is here!

Click here to listen to 201012 TFTR First Show.wav

Thoughts For Thinkers Radio

So here is our first Thoughts for Thinkers Radio Podcast, let me know what you think!
You can just listen, you can download the file etc.

Please link to our blog, share the file with friends, post it, whatever!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thoughts For Thinkers Radio

Exciting news folks! Thoughts for Thinkers Radio is coming! We are doing a podcast version that will be available for listening and downloading. This weekly show will cover the political stories of the week, and welcomes your calls and emails.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just Letting you Know....

....About my new blog. One of the reasons i havent written in so long is because i bought another motorcycle, finally, and I've been riding it.

Please stop by my other blog if you have time...DISCIPLE MC


Monday, June 8, 2009

Im not really going to say anything about this one, just watch the video...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I Don't Want a Government Car

In case you haven't been watching, the Obama administration has taken over GM and Chrysler with the helpful thought that these two companies should make "Greener" cars.  Cars that get 39 miles a gallon, and trucks that get 30 miles a gallon.  This development of technology, while quite useful, will be quite expensive for the automotive industry and you.  Average of about $1100 per car more.  But you have the money for that right?

This plan is a quiet way to make sure that American auto companies make smaller cars. Increasing the proportion of small cars that they make is the only way that the automotive companies can hit the targets. This is why the administration is forcing Chrysler to be sold into the hands of Fiat, abrogating hundreds of years of standing bankruptcy law, and flaunting it in the face of investors who had loaned Chrysler money against the assets that Chrysler had put up as collateral.  Wouldn't it be nice if you, dear reader, could simply decide that you don't want to pay your car payment anymore, but you want to keep your car.

The administration has made clear that they intend to force Americans to buy these wonderful "Greener" cars, by adding tax incentives, and subsidizing GM and Chrysler with giant amounts of your money.  The administration has to use tons of your money to do this for one simple fact: Americans don't want to drive little cars.  Let's review:

Pimps want to drive Escalade's, not escorts.
Soccer moms want to drive SUVs and minivans, not Malibu's.
Businessmen want to drive Lincoln town cars and Chrysler 300's, not Festiva's.
Families want four-door pickup trucks and station wagons, not too seated electric cars.

Let's be honest, the car is the status symbol for many people.  It's a practical tool.  You can't fit daddy, mommy, the two kids and a dog into a mini car.  Well you can, but no one wants to, and that's the point.

Even though he was in the Senate, Obama wasn't paying attention, he was busy campaigning for president for his two years in the Senate.  So he's apparently unaware that Congress has been forcing United States automakers to make smaller more fuel-efficient cars at a loss for several years.  Aware that Americans love big trucks and SUVs, Congress has put giant 25% tariffs on imported pickup trucks and SUVs, so the US auto companies can fight off competition, and make a profit on them.

So read this, Mr. President: I don't want a mini car.  I'm a 6 foot four 285 pound wall, and I have a hard time getting out of a car like that.  I don't want them, and neither does the rest of America, that's why we haven't been buying them.  And if we do buy them we don't buy the American ones because they're poorly made.  Instead of hassling the auto industry about higher fuel mileage, how about cutting the ridiculous wages they have to pay, that are way out of line with the rest of industry.  How about doing all the things that a competent CEO would do to make a company work, lower costs and make a better product. Seriously dude, you don't know anything about running an automotive company, you have no real world experience, youve always been a politician.  Your a slick politician and that's great.  But don't pretend you know what you're doing when it comes to running a company, you have no experience at that, and neither does the team that you've chosen to run the automotive industry.

Obama forcing these higher fuel mileage standards on the automotive industry now is akin to kicking somebody while they're down.  But after all, that's the time to kick them, when they can't defend themselves.